And The Winner Is….

Well, today was Day 66 of Campaign Smile.  More importantly, since it was July 1st, that means the James Dean Contest is over.  It was a lot of fun and created a lot of smiles.  The winner of the contest is Cathy Clark.  Thank you to all who entered and keep your eye on the blog.  I am searching for the next prize for this month.  If you are already a subscriber you will automatically be entered into any future drawings.  Okay, here is how the smile campaign stop went today…

1. I went to a home improvement store this evening for some parts I needed for a project at the house.  I was wondering aimlessly down one of the aisles and this woman who worked there stopped pulling the large display she was moving to ask if she could help.  She smiled to match mine and was very detailed in her directions for me.  She even repeated them as she made sure I was heading in the right direction.  I can’t help but feel that the smile had some impact on her enthusiasm for helping me.

2. I passed a fellow shopper next.  This man glanced toward me and looked away, wrapped up in his shopping.

3. Another pleasant young lady working at the store beamed a large smile and asked me how I was doing.

4. The cashier when I was ready to pay for my purchases was nice and completed the sale quickly.  Still, nothing I did could convince her to smile.

Overall, half of the people I connected with smiled which is not a bad percentage.  More importantly both of those people were employees so they were then further inspired to share those smiles with other shoppers.  I just got the smile chain started.  2 more smiles brings us to 220 smiles.
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