Contest Time

Today was the 36th day of Campaign Smile and I had  yet another idea to garner some of those 1 million smiles I set as a goal.  I know I love to get a gift so I thought I would give a gift to one of my subscribers this month.  I’ll draw and announce the name on August 30th so sign up and get registered to win.  I plan to offer more gifts as we go so even if you don’t win this month you’ll already be entered into future contests and you’ll find out about them as soon as I post.  I found a small plaque with a picture of James Dean and a fantastic quote by him that I thought was particularly poignant to what I am trying to do.

The quote is, “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow.” As I go out each day to “campaign” I am striving to make my life experience as well as that of others better. None of us ever dreamed of growing up and spending our work and home lives miserable and dreary. There are way too many people walking around in a daze just trying to make it through each day until they die. I don’t believe that is why we are here. I think each day is supposed to be full of wonderful experiences, both small and large. I hope that my efforts can help other people experience the wonderful, happy, dream lives they imagined when they were young. It’s a start and can lead to making a life what it should be.

1. As I was driving down the road I noticed a woman standing with disinterest, holding a sign for a small business.  She was leaning against the sign and waving to traffic in a half-hearted manner.  When I waved back and smiled at her she demonstrated the beautiful smile she had been holding back.  She no doubt had a much easier time of it after the boost from her smile.

2. I took our dog to the vet and received plenty of smiles there.  She is always popular at the vet, wherever we live.  Nothing they do to her ever dampens her enthusiasm for seeing other people, getting petted and receiving treats.  Perhaps we could all take a page from that playbook and remain positive until and even after receiving reason to be otherwise.  Between the doctor, the tech assisting and the four ladies at the front counter she managed to reel in 6 smiles for the campaign.  With 7 total new smiles the total for the smile campaign is now 99.  Triple digits are just around the corner!
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44 responses to “Contest Time

  1. Rhonda Petersen

    I love James Dean and that is a very inspirational phrase that I would love to be able to look at each day and gain motivation from. Thanks

  2. amber

    I adore James Dean, I did my big english project in high school about him (10 years ago, lol). Even my best friend likes James Dean, so it’s fun to watch his movies with him 🙂 Thanks for this awesome giveaway. I love the idea and feeling behind the Smile Campaign!

  3. Sharon Kaminski

    would luv to win

  4. Robert Camba

    My guestroom needs that James Dean poster.

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  6. Ron Larson

    Talented actor; makes great breakfast sausage too…

  7. sara

    what a beautiful way to live your life and pass on to
    your children to strive for that same goal.

  8. sarah woods

    James Dean the heartthrob of the high school years. Thanks SW

  9. Heather Erickson

    I LOVE James Dean, I once rented a car and drove down the pacific coast highway on the annaversery of his death. I would love to win this

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  14. What a great campaign! This quote from James Dean is one of my favorites, and so true.

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  17. Cathy Clark

    I love the era that James Dean made movies, because it seemed like a simpler time (even though that may not be true!).

    A time when people would sit on the porch after supper and smile and wave at neighbors. A time when children played in the mud, rode thier bikes with friends for miles on crazy quests and adventures, and laughed the whole time. A time when smiles perhaps came a little easier to our faces. We need to celebrate those times and smile in memory! 🙂

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  25. Brenda Stutts

    great contest , love to have this for my own…

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  27. Diane Green

    I would James Dean, this would mean a lot!!!

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  32. Karen Gonyea

    I adore James Dean 🙂

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