Let’s Get Something Started

Day 112 of Campaign Smile led me to the permit office, the sports store and to a meeting for organizing an upcoming event.  Here are the details…

1. I had it in my head today to talk with several retail stores in a local town to set up a display of what my company sells for the day to reach a new market.  Fortunately, before I went to those stores, I started by finding the permit office to see what restrictions I would face.  The young lady that greeted me initially was somewhat soft-spoken with a nice smile.  She went to find the woman I needed to see and brought her out to see me.  This woman, while still pleasant, had no smile and no help for me, letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that I could not do what I wanted at all.  I wasn’t completely surprised.  I have worked all over the state and found a few cities that don’t allow it but I was a little disappointed since I had big plans in my head for the idea.  Even though I did not get permission I still got to speak to 2 very nice women and got one smile.

2. After checking department stores and shoe stores yesterday and today I finally tried the sporting goods store to find the water shoes we needed for our water excursions on our upcoming trip.   If you are wondering why I didn’t think of that first, I did.  It was just a longer trip than the other, closer options so we tried them first.  The young lady running the cash register was, despite finding the registers suddenly understaffed as customers lined up with only her and one other gentleman, very cordial.  She also had a winning smile through everything that she was doing.

3. Somehow, as I said, I ended up at a planning meeting for an upcoming event.  I had seen a post about the event on Facebook and forwarded it to our internet marketer to see if we were participating.  Oddly enough, she forwarded it to the main office and, when I happened by the office last week, the woman there brought it up.  She wondered if I would like to see what it was about, not even realizing I had started the whole thing.  When I walked in the building I was unsure where I needed to go.  The security guard and the woman holding a yoga class next door both took it upon themselves to walk with me and find someone who could call the right person to figure it out.  They were very helpful and had great smiles to match.  I was expecting a large room full of people but was surprised to walk into a small room with a boardroom table and a few chairs.  This led me to being a lot more involved in organizing an event I was meant to simply see if we wanted to participate in.  Still, I enjoyed the meeting and have plenty of time and ability to do what I said I would.  Plus, I got 10 more smiles.

That is a total of 14 smiles for the day bringing the campaign total to 407!
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