Slow Out of The Gates But A Strong Finish

Day 108 of Campaign Smile was spent in a number of retail operations for various reasons.  The smiles started slow this morning but by the time I got to my car after leaving the last store they were flowing steadily…

1. The first place I visited this morning was very slow, having opened shortly before I arrived.  I passed several store employees standing outside taking a break and received only stares.  For all I know they had been working for hours or even an entire shift so I was not offended by the lack of return smiles.  Another associate that was stocking shelves when I passed her took my look down her aisle to mean I was searching for something.  She offered to help even though, in the middle of her work, the offer came across brusque and without smile.  One final employee approached me before I left and smiled as she also offered to help me find what I was looking for.

2. The second store I was in gave me 3 more chances to engage employees.  The first one I did not see immediately.  She cheerfully said hi and asked how I was doing.  My smile even more broad than usual, I turned toward the voice to find a woman not even looking in my direction, focused on another task with no smile.  I still appreciated the cheerfulness but suspect it was not real.  A second young lady actually made eye contact with me and smiled as she offered to help.  On my way out the door I passed another man who worked there.  He approached and passed me, staring at me the whole time without a smile.  I suspect that since I was dressed sharply in a button down shirt with my company logo that he wondered/worried that I was someone visiting from within his company.

3. In the last store I passed an employee who, again, was very cordial and genuine but actually was looking at me and smiling.  When I was paying for my purchases the cashier was very kind with a small smile.  As I was leaving, though, I found a building wave of smiles.  As I walked out the door I passed a woman who smiled broadly at me.  Immediately after her was an off duty officer who smiled and greeted me.  After crossing the traffic lane I passed a teenage girl waiting for her mother to catch up from the car.  She returned my smile though her mother did not as I passed her.

Today added 7 more smiles to the grand total, changing that total to 381.  With Friday a day away I suspect I will find even more smiles for the end of the week.
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