Fill ‘Er Up

Day 96 of Campaign Smile was a light day of campaigning though no less rewarding.  Here is what I found…

1. On my way home from work I stopped to fill the car with gas.  As I was standing next to the car waiting for the gas pump to finish its job a young woman walked up to her car on the other side.  As she passed I smiled at her and she beamed a lovely smile in return.

2. I stopped at a local store to pick up a few things on my way home.  As I entered I passed an employee who said hi to me but did not return my smile.

3. A little further along I passed one of the cashiers and he also greeted me without a smile.

4. Finally, when I was purchasing my items the cashier gave me a nice smile as he rang up my things.

While I only added 2 smiles today I know that I added a lot more value to some lives as I spread the joy and good will.  The total now stands at 322!
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3 responses to “Fill ‘Er Up

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  2. That’s awesome. The world could use a few more of these. Or a lot more. Salaam!

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