Meet & Greet

Day 94 was a fun one in Campaign Smile.  Today I attended my first Chamber of Commerce gathering.  It was interesting and intriguing.  Here’s how the whole day went…

1. I stopped for a while at the office before heading to lunch.  The young ladies that helped me with my order were both nice and courteous.  However, only one offered a smile to match mine.

2. I stopped by my old workplace to drop something off and found myself quickly involved in a reunion of sorts.  The gentleman who had been my sales manager when I was running the place is still there.  He and a woman who also worked for me were running the place.  As we talked, the gentleman who had been my operations manager at the time several years ago came in as well.  It was rather humorous and all three of them shared in my smiling.

3. My next stop was to pick up some shirts that I had the logo for my current company put on.  They came out great and the 2 women I spoke with during the exchange had genuine smiles.

4. This evening, as I mentioned, I attended that Chamber event and there were smiles everywhere.  However, only 6 were directed at me during personal interactions.

It was a big day for smiles with 12 more to add to the total!  That brings the tally to 316.  Wow, what a day!
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