Chain Reaction

On Day 88 of Campaign Smile I did a little campaigning as I walked around the small lake in a nearby park.  It was a very positive experience but, more importantly, I got to witness a small, rapidly developing result from my efforts.  It went something like this…

1. As I was walking I was nearing this man who had found himself a spot on one of the benches and was relaxing, enjoying the tranquility and shelling and eating some sort of nut.  When I was right beside him and smiled my greeting he smiled back at me and said hello.  Right behind me was an older gentleman walking his poodle.  As he passed this man right after me, the man on the bench immediately passed on the smile and greeted the man.  Then, as he passed me, the older man with the dog smiled and greeted me bringing the smile I had started all the back to me.  It was fantastic to see.

2. I next passed an older woman who was walking her dachshund.  She had a great smile that she shared with me.

3. A couple that was obviously walking for exercise passed me from behind.  The woman made a point as they went by to say hi to me and smile.

4. When I had nearly finished my walking an older couple approached me and both smiled in response to my smile.

The chain reaction was truly humbling to witness in seeing the simplest thing make a major difference.  Those smiles along with the rest add 7 more to the total which means we are now at 289!
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