Spreading The Joy

Picked up several smiles today on Day 86 of Campaign Smile as I traveled around. I spent some time working in the library again and went to try and interview someone. Here’s how the happiness was distributed…

1. As I walked in the library a young blonde woman was heading out and returned my smile.

2. A second woman walking slowly past me as I was leaving gave me a small smile and said hi to me.

3. One more woman was just coming through the door to enter as I was passing her.  She simply sneered at me but somewhere, deep down, I bet she felt a little warmer.

4. I was supposed to meet this woman at a restaurant to interview her.  When we spoke yesterday she seemed very enthusiastic and eager to have the job.  Unfortunately, she never showed.  I waited half an hour after our scheduled appointment and did not answer any of the numerous times I phoned her.  Hopefully, everything is all right.  Maybe she got another job.  The hostess at the restaurant was very nice and smiled when I arrived and every time she saw me.  After a few minutes of waiting she found me a seat near the door so I could relax and still see if my candidate arrived.

5. The waitress was very generous as well and granted me yet another smile.  She brought me something to drink and didn’t even charge me for it when I decided to leave.

6. At the table next to me there were two mothers with a total of three children.  The children were really quiet and well-behaved but the mothers must have thought otherwise because as they got up to leave they both smiled at me and made comments about me being glad they were leaving.

With 6 more smiles today the total is 275.  We’re pushing 300 now!
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