Crossing Against The Light

I stopped at Wal-Mart on Day 68 of Campaign Smile.  The place was packed.  It was wonderful to see as I still vividly remember times over the last two years where the crowds just weren’t out shopping because of the economy.  There are so many promising signs now they are difficult to count.  That makes me smile as well as everyone else.

1. Shortly after I walked in I passed an employee sitting down working on a display.  He smiled and nodded in response to my smile.

2. I was walking down the front aisle and one of the older cashiers was standing near her register waiting for customers.  She saw my smile and I watched her face pull back but not actually manage to smile back or even lift the corners.  Sometimes I worry that people have spent too long not smiling and their face simply forgets how.

3. An older man was scowling as he approached me.  He looked at my smile, looked away and looked quickly back at me.  He never smiled but seemed stunned and a little suspicious that I was actually smiling at him.  If nothing else I know he spent some time pondering why I was so happy and attempting to pass it along.

4. In the electronics section a teenage boy had a similar response.  He was studying a display of music and looked over at me as I smiled at no one in particular.  He looked away and looked back again.  He also seemed confused by my happy expression.

5. Another employee passed me and she granted me a small smile.  It’s probably not often that customers just smile at her, I imagine.  It sure would make it easier for her to stay happy if they did, I think. 

6. The cashier also granted me a small smile.  It went away quickly but at least I got to see it for a moment.

7. When I was leaving the parking lot I pulled past the building.  I stopped to allow a couple to cross in front of me with their cart of groceries.  The man waved to me in appreciation with no smile.  Another gentleman I let cross in front of me also had not a smile for me but did give me a salute for stopping for him.

3 more smiles today brings the total to 225 for Campaign Smile!  That leaves a paltry 999,775 to go.
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3 responses to “Crossing Against The Light

  1. I’ve been reading for quite some time now and I have a little request: Try frequenting locally-owned businesses. Your smiles will be returned more often. I know it’s fun to spead sunshine in the lower places (like WallyWorld), but in the recent economic environment, it’s locally-owned shops that have really felt the pain. We in the very small business sector would really appreciate some of that sunshine. Thanks – you brighten my day with every post.

    • Thanks for the great suggestion. I plan to take your fantastic advice because you make a great point. This country would not have made it this far without the small businesses and that is what will carry us forward still. I have had trouble finding business open when I leave my retail job so it is tough to find small businesses. However, the timing is perfect since I am just now moving to a new job with better hours. Thanks again for the advice and for reading.

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