Gathering Smiles

Today, Day 63 of Campaign Smile, it felt like I was searching in a lot of places to find smiles.  As is becoming our Monday routine, my wife and I stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast before heading to the beach this morning.  After we cleaned up we went to Five Guys for lunch.  (By the way, there is a very good chance that an addiction is forming to that place.  We go there quite a bit.)Then we stopped for a few things we needed before heading back to the house.  So, here’s how the smile campaign train rolled today…

1. At McDonald’s the young woman at the first window had very little time for us, it seemed.  I’m not sure why but she was very rushed.  She did not even repeat my total to me and handed me the change without speaking one word.  She seemed very stressed over the multi-tasking necessary to take the orders and the money.  The woman at the second window handing out the food, however, more than made up for it with her award-winning smile.

2. The beach yielded no interactions at all.  There were very few people there and we were never near enough to any of them to trade smiles.

3. The cashier at Five Guys was a very efficient young man with no smile.  The woman handing out the orders, though, was tossing smiles to everyone.

4. While we were at the retail store later I entered an aisle where I found a nice woman who was in the middle of putting something in her cart and, effectively, blocking the entire aisle with her cart and her body.  She looked up to find my smile and smiled warmly in return.

5. I got on the computer this evening to find two more comment smiles.  One was for the James Dean Contest which, by the way, ends June 30th.  Subscribe now if you haven’t already.  The other was actually on my post from my 6th campaign day, Supporting Sam Walton’s Dream.  That makes me think this person really dug into the blog which makes me so happy.  Thanks again, Kim.  The whole goal is smiles and joy.  I would be just as happy to do that with my words as I am to do so with my toothy grin.

With 3 smile campaign stop smiles and 2 more blog comment smiles the total now stands at 212!  That means there are only 99,788 to go.  Hold on, we’re picking up steam now.
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2 responses to “Gathering Smiles

  1. Sounds like a worthy investment of time. Best wishes with the smile collecting.

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