Attitude Adjustment

Day 62 of Campaign Smile gave me another peek into the power of a smile.  I talk and theorize a lot about the positive impact a smile can have on another person.  Maybe it brightens their day, perhaps it improves the way they treat others, possibly it simply gives them hope when theirs was lost.  Sometimes, though, it is something as simply as treating the person who is smiling at them with more kindness than they might have otherwise offered.  I think I saw proof of this during my smile campaign stop…

1. The first couple that I encountered stared at me and then looked away.  I don’t know the impact from that point forward.  However, what I do know is that these two individuals were so perfectly in sync with each other that they seemed to make all the mentioned movements in perfect tandem as if they had rehearsed it.  I think that is striking, as it shows they were very much in tune with each other.  Whether that is always true for them is impossible to know but it truly represents a depth of connection we all seem to long for at some point in life.

2. The next man that I passed studied me for several long seconds as I smiled in his direction.  Finally, he said hi to me, having taken my smile as a form of greeting.  No smile but a pleasant interaction.

3. The next two women I passed, one at a time, each looked at me and, as they turned away felt the gentle upward tug of the corners of their mouths.  Some part of them wanted to smile even if that part was not strong enough to get its way entirely.

4. A woman approached me walking with her daughter shortly thereafter.  Though her daughter was otherwise preoccupied the woman smiled back at me before looking away.

5. Another lady stared at me for a bit before revealing a small smile.  Sometimes, I think, we find ourselves intrigued by something and don’t realize immediately that we are staring.  I know I have been guilty of this.  What puzzled her or fascinated her I don’t know but, ultimately, it resulted in a smile which is my goal, even if it was partially from embarrassment.

6. When I reached the register I found my daily insight I spoke of earlier.  As I walked up I found that all the open registers had several people in line.  I picked what I thought was the shortest line and stepped behind the man at the end of the line.  When the cashier opened another lane two spots down and offered to help some people there both the man in front of me and I looked that way.  I encouraged him to go himself since he was in front of me.  Seeing my smile and casual demeanor he responded similarly.  Though he never actually smiled he, in turn, encouraged me to also go to the new line and allowed me to go first since I had only two items.  If you can find no better reason to get a face lift (smile) do it to get others to treat you better.  Even if you smile for selfish reasons it still benefits those around you.

7. The cashier, after quickly ringing up my purchase, also yielded a generous smile as her emotions ran in a more positive direction.

I received 1 more comment smile for the James Dean Contest.  Make sure you have subscribed to enter.  The drawing is Wednesday, June 30th.  That smile along with the 3 from my campaign stop bring the total to 207.
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