Smiles At Every Turn

On this 57th day of Campaign Smile I went to a number of different places and received smiles all over.  Plus, I received a comment smile from a new friend on the blog so thank you for that.  I went to get my hair cut when I left the house this morning.  After that I went to get some lunch at a fast food restaurant.  I stopped at the library to drop off a few books and pick up a few more.  I took my wife and niece to Lowe’s later to pick up a new faucet for the kitchen.  I could have just fixed the leak but it was obvious that the fixture was original from when the house was built in 1987 so we splurged for a fresh start.  After that small job turned into a major undertaking I made 2 more trips out for parts.  It was a long day but very rewarding for me, my home and the campaign…

1. The gentleman that cut my hair today had a great smile when we started though he put it away when he got serious and started cutting.

2. At the restaurant the cashier was operating in a sort of daze as she displayed no expression the entire time I was there.  The woman putting out the orders, however, was quite jovial and displayed a grand smile.

3. At the library the security guard nodded curtly to me but offered no smile.  The female librarian checking out my books was very efficient and somehow kept averting making eye contact with me.  I kept smiling and waiting, though, and was rewarded with a small smile as she handed the books back to me.

4. As we walked up to the door at Lowe’s a nice younger woman was standing just outside and smiled at us.  While we stood debating faucets an employee came by, smiled and offered to help.  As we walked to another section another employee who was passing by smiled as well.  The cashier, like the librarian, remained focused and efficient until the transaction was completed.  As before, when she finally looked up, having not spoken one word so far or even acknowledging my attempts at small talk, she made the actual human connection and released a small smile.  She also wished us a good day.

5. When I ran out for parts I walked by a gentleman in the store who was wearing a t-shirt in support of his church group.  He had a tremendous smile to match mine and, I noticed as I passed near a second time, he was with that group, all similarly adorned.  As I walked to the register an employee also smiled at me.

Don’t forget to enter the James Dean Contest.  The drawing is on June 30th.  With 1 smile from a blog comment and 9 more at the various smile campaign stops for the day the grand total jumps quickly to 198!
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