Trickle Down Theory

My campaign stop on Day 54 of Campaign Smile was exhilarating.  I stopped at a large electronics store to ogle the big screens and dream.  I was extremely impressed by the store employees because I could see more of a genuine feeling of joy among them as a group.  It was not just one or two individuals so it gave me a comforting feeling that the days of prosperity are coming back to our country.  I don’t think everyone would have been smiling that freely if there was still a large fear of dire economic times and potential layoffs.

1. As I passed, smiling, into the television section one of the store employees picked up my smile and followed suit.  He then did his expected question about helping me find something.  The impression I got, though, was that he was more genuine than people often are when they ask to help.  I think we can all see how much easier it is to want to help someone who is smiling and seems to be in a good mood.  If I had a look that shot daggers at whoever was near I know he would have feared just what he was getting into by offering assistance.

2. Shortly thereafter I stopped to admire one of the larger screens in that section when a second employee followed the same pattern. Out of the corner of my eye I watched him as he walked down the aisle, not necessarily heading specifically to me.  As he looked and noticed my smiling demeanor his expression and body language brightened before he also offered assistance.

3. As I moved through the music aisles I passed a fellow shopper.  This man stared at me until he realized that I had met his gaze.  He then quickly looked away.  I saw him again several aisles over and he was staring again.  A genuine smile and good mood for no apparent reason are often confusing to some. 

4. As I was leaving the store a third employee near the door smiled back at me and wished me a great day.  That means the employees I encountered smiled back at me 100% of the time.

This increased joy on the part of the people working in shops, supermarkets and restaurants will do a great deal to bolster the recovery we seek in the economy.  As we relax more about our spending habits I think we are all going to be a little more selective about how and where we spend our hard-earned dollars.  So, every step these establishments can take to assure a good experience is bound to help us continue the positive trend.  With 3 more smiles the total is now up to 176!
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