No Smiles In Whoville?

The campaign stop on this 53rd day of Campaign Smile started really slow.  I could nearly feel the ‘finally Friday’ weariness around my fellow shoppers.  In fact I had almost circled the entire store before finally getting a reaction.  Everyone was distracted and/or had glazed over eyes that didn’t see anything in front of them.  Luckily, the end of the stop more than made up for the start.  Besides, it’s that sort of unhappy reactions that are the reason for what I am doing.

1. When I was nearing the aisle I had started on I passed a store employee who stared for a few seconds before smiling back at me.  I think that is exactly who I needed to help more, the employees.  They will have far more opportunity to pass on the positive feelings to other shoppers than individual consumers will.  Hopefully I got something good started with that gentleman.

2. When I was standing in line at the register the woman in front of me showed a great smile as she and the rest of us in line had a good laugh at the cashier running across the store to help someone.  It was a good moment for all of us and I know the feelings spread further without our knowledge.

3. The cashier also was smiling along with us and continued it in return for my smile.  She was having a lot more fun than people often have working in retail stores and the world needs more of that approach to one’s job.

Aside from a very large amount of people staring, looking away and generally not paying attention I gathered 3 more great smiles today.  The total now stands at 173!
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