Service With A Smile

Here we are 52 days into Campaign Smile and things look fantastic as I travel each day to make smile campaign stops.  More people are smiling, more people seem to enjoy the shopping experience and more employees seem to be smiling with genuine joy in their jobs.  It seems that more and more people are becoming convinced that we are well on our way back from this economic hiccup and are relaxing about their money and life in general.  I think that is great because life is about the experience so when we choose to experience dread, fear, misery, etc. it is not much fun.

1. As I was walking down one of the store aisles on my campaign stop I watched a woman step to the end I was approaching, look down the aisle for something or someone and find my smiling expression.  She turned away and blushed as she smiled to herself.  What her reason was for the expression is not my business but it was a great little smile and I know we both benefitted from it.

2. I passed a store employee shortly thereafter pushing a pallet jack and whistling to himself.  He was obviously in a good mood and only too happy to return my smile.  While I know he didn’t need any help with his mood the exchange of smiles no doubt lent itself to the continuing of that good mood.

3. As I was walking down one of the main aisles I turned to see a couple walking my way from one of the side aisles.  The woman was looking elsewhere but the man saw me and smiled in return.

4. I turned and passed another couple in front of me.  Similarly the woman was distracted but the man looked at me and looked away.

5. When I reached the checkout line I was pleased to find a very pleasant woman running the register.  She was really friendly and smile warmly

With 4 more smiles today the Campaign total now stands at 170.  Don’t forget the James Dean Contest ends on June 30th so be sure and get entered today.
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