Happy Flag Day

This was Flag Day as well as day 49 of Campaign Smile, the end of my 7th week!  It was a quiet day in the smile campaign but, of course, I took advantage of every opportunity to brighten someone else’s day with a smile.

1. I went to the beach this morning with my wife and it was as wonderful and relaxing as always.  As we made our way down the stairs to the sand we passed a woman heading off the beach.  Whether she was leaving or just getting something from the car I am not sure.  She did have a tremendous smile, though!

2. Later in the day I made a trip to the grocery store for a couple of things I needed.  I also took back a box of oatmeal.  When we opened it all the individual packets were leaking oatmeal out.  When I first approached the customer service desk I saw the young man tense up.  In retrospect he might have been bracing himself for an argument with me but I didn’t think much of it at that moment.  When I reached the front of the line and told him what happened and that I just wanted to get another I saw his whole body relax and drop down as his mouth lifted into a smile.  Apparently, my smile and request was a relief from what he was preparing himself to face.

3. I went to get the other items I needed and, as I passed a woman pushing her shopping cart I watched her in what seemed like slow motion.  She looked at me and my smile.  Then she looked away.  She looked at me once more and, very slowly her face released a small smile of her own.

4. When I returned to the customer service counter with my things another young woman was helping customers and happily rang up my things as well as exchanging the offending oatmeal.  She had a genuine smile that I am sure helps her greatly in that department.

Today I added 4 more smiles, bring the tally to 159.  Only 999,841 to go.  Don’t forget to visit the contest page to get entered if you haven’t already.
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