Dazed and Confused

On this 46th day of Campaign Smile I could see and feel how long the week had been on everyone.  As I walked around on my smile campaign stop it was like interacting with a mob of weary zombies.  Nobody seemed very lively but they also didn’t have the energy the actual undead seem to possess.  They all seemed worn down.  Lucky for everyone it is Friday.

1. Before I entered the store I passed two young women sitting on a bench.  One was on the phone but both just stared at my glowing smile.  I’m not sure how much registered from the interaction but I am confident I helped boost them to keep moving to the weekend.

2.  After passing quite a few people with their heads bobbing around, eyes not focusing on me or anything else I finally made eye contact with a blonde woman.  She had a very sour look on her face for whatever reason and it did not change when she viewed my smile.  Deep down, though, the fire was stoked.

3. I passed a middle age couple in another aisle.  The woman was busy with her shopping and didn’t notice me.  Her husband, however, did smile and mouthed ‘hi’ to me.

4. Another younger blonde woman was just turning to look at something  as I smiled in her direction.  She looked at me and looked away toward her interest.  As I watched, though, the corners of her mouth lifted significantly.  Whether she was nearly smiling with me or at me I don’t know or care.  As long as she received some positive benefit from my grin then we both were rewarded.

5. As I left the store a very tall man walked past me and looked before looking away.

All in all I only gained 1 actual smile.  Still, that group of people needed someone like me in their midst generating positive energy for them.  I don’t know what it was in their weeks that made them so long and arduous but I am happy to be a part of the reversal of fortune as they head into their weekends.
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