Could NOT Have Said It Better!

The 47th day of Campaign Smile provided me further reassurance that my feelings about smiles/laughter are shared by others.  While I was speaking with someone at work today we could hear children laughing on the other side of the store.  The man’s wife smiled and noted that someone was having fun.  His response was that he loved the sound of children’s laughter and encouraged them to laugh as much and as loud as they wanted.  He added that there was not enough laughter in the world today and I wholeheartedly agreed.  That’s just what I think as well. Also, if you haven’t subscribed to the blog to sign up for the James Dean Contest you can do it now before the June 30th draw date.

1. I stopped at Taco Bell this evening and was greeted by a small timid smile from the cashier.  We can’t all be flashy and ostentatious but she definitely showed me that the feeling was there which is all I was looking for.

2. The gentleman handing out the finished orders was not as shy with his huge smile.  He was doing a great job of doing the job efficiently and still keeping a fantastic attitude about work.  How you approach life can really make all the difference in the world which is why I have focused so much lately on trying to make employees smile.

With 2 additional smiles the total stands at 151 for the smile campaign.  Again, don’t forget the James Dean Contest.
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