Just Toying With My Emotions

This was the 45th day of Campaign Smile.  Every time I think that I have developed the ability to not only smile and engage everyone I meet but keep track of the reactions without slowing down the pace increases.  Several times during my smile campaign stop I thought I was going to have to find a place to stop and record all the good that was going on around me.  I enjoy the whole process too much to simply let a potential smile walk by while I am staring at my notebook so they stack up until I stumble upon or go and find an area with no people in it.

1. I stopped this afternoon at a convenience store to fill the tank on the car.  When I went inside I passed a young mother with 5 little shadows following her.   I don’t know if they all belonged to her but I do know she had a tremendous smile, something that has to be a great aide to the struggles and worries of parenthood.

2. As I waited for the cashier to get my receipt I noticed that some child had left a Lego Star Wars stormtrooper toy on the counter.  I smiled as I picked it up and handed it to the cashier.  I noted that she might want to take better care of her toys, lest she lose one.  She revealed a smile that encompassed her entire face and thought me quite comical (or maybe just corny, but she did smile.)

3. I visited another retail store after that and the greeter was at the door making a concerted effort to say hi and welcome to every person.  There was not, though, a smile to accompany her kind words.  I could tell that the words had become a process that she just did and she felt a little worn down by them.

4. I passed an older, skinny woman as I picked up my few things and was rewarded with a scowl for the smile I offered.  Maybe she thought that she would bring my attitude lower to match hers if she made that trade.  She may not even make the connection but I know that the opposite happened in some small way.  Any efforts to bring me down are no match for my genuine positive, happy mood.  Why am I so happy?  Because I always have the choice so, as much as I can, I choose happy.

5. I stood patiently in the checkout line behind this shorter older woman who seemed quiet and a little nervous.  Finally, as she finished paying she hazarded a look in my direction and was pleasantly surprised to find my smile.  She relaxed and returned it to me in grand fashion.  I don’t know what all was going through her mind with the numerous nervous movements and furtive glances around at others but hopefully she found a more uplifting view after that.

6. The cashier was only too happy to share a smile with me as well after witnessing that exchange.

7. As I approached the exit I saw another woman sitting on a bench near the door staring at me and my smile.  When I turned it her way her face revealed one of her own.

8. As I was walking through the parking lot, frantically scribbling notes from those last 3 quick encounters I passed another man.  He was watching my scribbling and smiling intently but when I looked directly at him all he managed was a nod.

9. I then passed one last woman before I reached my car and she had a great grin for me as well.

All in all I was nearly overwhelmed with smiles and positive reactions today.  What a great way to be wiped out, by a wave of good energy.  6 more smiles today brings the total to 148!
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