Round and Round We Go

Day 44 turned quite comical as my Campaign Smile stop turned into three.  That was good since I did not pick up any more comments/smiles from the James Dean Contest.  I stopped at the store for a couple of things and sent a quick text to my wife to see if she needed anything.  For whatever reason I never heard my phone when she replied and I forgot to check myself.  So I made my campaign stop, picked up the items I knew of and headed back to the car.  In the middle of the parking lot I found a really nice cell phone.  I knew the owner would be missing it and I didn’t want it to get run over before they found it so I turned around and headed back into the store to turn it in.  Finally, when I was a couple of blocks from the house, it occurred to me to check the phone and I found my wife’s list.  Knowing it was my mistake for not getting her text I turned around and stopped at another store closer to the house for the other items.

1. As soon as I walked into the first store I passed an employee finishing her shift.  She was only too happy to return my smile.  Aren’t we all when we finish for the day?

2. Turning a corner I passed a middle-age woman with her cart.  She just could not manage a complete smile for me though I saw the corners of her mouth pulling mightily to lift her expression.  What can you say?  Sometimes you are just too far down a negative road to attain complete recovery with one smile.  Still, I got her heading in the right direction anyway.

3. When I reached the cashier I was determined to boost her day and gave my best smile.  She barely talked, hardly noticed me or my smile and surely did not give a smile of her own.  Hopefully, there was some encouragement deep down where I could not see it.  This ended my smile campaign stop with limited immediate results or so I thought.

4. When I came back in with the cell phone I stood in line for several minutes to hand it to the customer service folks.  As I was not there to complain, be nasty or generally make their lives difficult they both had warm smiles for me.

5. As I made my way for the door for the second time I passed the greeter sitting down to take a break.  Understand that I had already passed her three other times with absolutely no result from my smile.  Now, though, as she was able to take the workload off her feet and actually relax she had a fantastic smile.  Odd that someone expected to smile and be friendly as a vocation seemed to find that easier to do when she was not working.  I hope she went back with renewed enthusiasm.

6. As I entered the second store on my “quick shopping trip” I passed a mother pushing a cart with her groceries and her son.  She gave me a genuine smile that I really enjoyed.

7. One of the managers passed me about three aisles into my smile campaign stop.  She revealed a small, tired smile.  The weight on her shoulders was so obvious I felt a little worn down by it myself.  I was glad I could help give her the energy increase to deal with everything weighing on her.

8. The cashier at that store, like the first, had no smile for me.  She was a lot more engaging and friendly though.

Though it was a slow start I ended up with 6 more smiles to add to my total.  Along with the James Dean Contest the smiles are really starting to add up.  The grand total now sits at 142!
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