Party Like It’s 1999!

Day 43 of Campaign Smile had me kind of all over the place again.  I took my smile campaign with me to the party store, out for a snack, and a movie.  Plus, the ongoing contest played it’s part as well.

1. My wife and I ran out to the party store this afternoon for some congratulatory balloons for my niece.  Her preschool graduation was this evening and we wanted to wait and get the balloons at the last minute so they would stay inflated longer.  I found myself roaming the aisles looking for smiley faces. (There is a good chance I have become obsessed with smiles but it makes me happy so I’ll have to deal with the obsession.)  I encountered a woman in one of the aisles picking out decorations for a party and she gave me a small smile in response to mine.

2. The cashier was also happy to smile with me.  I think she got a chuckle at my purchases along with the balloons.  I say again, laugh with me or at me but just laugh.  It will always generate good on its way.

3. Knowing that we would be eating a late supper before a rare chance to see a movie, my wife and I stopped at Dairy Queen for a snack.  Though I was not surprised to see the man at the drive-thru smile back at me, I still enjoyed it.  He is always in a good mood. 

4. After a lovely time at the graduation and a quick bite of supper we made it to the theater.  Since we had purchased our tickets ahead, we caught the staff by surprise and the ticket taker had to hurry over to his post.  He did arrive with a smile, though.

With 4 more campaign stop smiles and 1 more from our contest the total of smiles is now up to 136!
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