Fine Tuning The System

Day 42 of Campaign Smile brought the end of the sixth week, several more smiles and another personal realization…

1. I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch with my wife.  Seeing an older woman nearing the door from the inside I hurried and pulled it open so I could hold it for her as well as my wife.  The woman rewarded my chivalry and smile with a gentle smile and a thank you.

2. The hostess who seated us was polite, efficient and cordial.  She did not, though, yield a smile to match the other positive aspects.  She seemed quite hurried which did not surprise me.  Every time I have ever visited one of these restaurants, whether there is a wait or not, the hostess and cashiers are always moving quickly and constantly.
3. Despite her equally hurried demeanor, the waitress was extremely friendly and had a tremendous smile that I enjoyed.  She and her smile were always at the ready, bringing everything we needed quickly and usually without us even thinking about it.

4. When we were ready to leave, the people at the table behind us were getting up at the same time.  Two of the adults got up and moved away, leaving the third, seemingly a young grandmother, to gather the boy from his seat.  We waited patiently and smiled as she passed with her charge.  She responded with a grateful smile.

5. The cashier also revealed a glowing smile.  I know how much there must be to keep track of in such a place that sports so many different items for purchase as well as an extensive menu so it is a great testament to their staff and management to receive such positive, joyful treatment.

6. We made one more stop at a retail store where we received an awesome smile from the cashier as well as one from her apparent supervisor as they simultaneously chuckled about a joke between them.

So, I added 6 more smiles today, bringing the total to 131 for the smile campaign.  I also noticed something that has changed gradually over the past 6 weeks.  I find that not only am I smiling more and happier but I am also more aware of my environment.  As I watch every person I engage, I not only look to see their reaction but commit it to memory until I get a chance to record it.  The benefits continue to unfold and expand for me as well as the world at large as the smiles form chains of happiness.
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