Can We Make a Difference?

Well, today is the 40th day of Campaign Smile.  I can’t believe it.  Time flies…as they say.  I am still seeing marked improvements in the employees and customers when I go to stores.  How much of an impact I have had and how much is just the slow recovery of the economy I don’t know.  No matter, though, since I am happy in my belief that I have helped in some small way, anyway.

1. As I walked down the first aisle at my smile campaign stop I passed a woman hurrying from the register back to the shelf to check something.  She regarded my happy expression with something a little over half of a smile.  We’ll round up and count it as a whole one.

2. As I turned the corner I came upon a group of grandma, mom and kids with their cart on one side of the aisle while they all investigated something on the other side.  The grandmother looked up, saw my smile, and, smiled and chuckled nervously as if she thought her cart was in my way.

3. One of the employees approached me next.  When I smiled at her the corners of her mouth lifted but did not make it into a smile.  At least I know I lifted her some.  There is no telling how low she started and how much benefit I imparted even if she didn’t completely smile.

4. As I neared the front of the store again a woman with stark blonde hair simply stared at my smile.  She looked very far away so I think she was somewhere else in her mind.

5. Immediately after that encounter I saw an older woman look up from her shopping, see my smile and quickly avert her eyes.  She probably tucked away that smile into a mental pocket to brighten her day later.

With 2 campaign stop smiles and 2 more comment smiles that brings the total to 119!
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