Train Kept A Rollin’ All Night Long

Here, on day 39 of the Smile Campaign it really feels like this thing is picking up steam.  Between the contest and other post comments I really feel like people are starting to see what I am doing.  It was a great campaign stop for the smile campaign as well today:

1. As I walked down the aisle of the store I stopped in, a teenage girl returned my smile with a blank stare.  Perhaps she was shocked to see someone happy for no apparent reason or maybe I had something in my teeth.  Either way, the stunned look made me smile even more. 

2. Immediately after that encounter, I passed an employee and received another stare.  I wonder if all my talk about the lack of enjoyment in shopping these days is the same thing that made him so stunned that I looked happy.

3. When I approached the register with my purchases another employee was buying some things for herself.  She returned my smile with a very natural smile that you could tell she wears often.

4. The cashier also began smiling and continued to do so as we chatted through the purchase.  That is two more retail employee that took improved attitudes back to their interactions with the shoppers which made a great difference, I have no doubt.

I also received 3 more comments/smiles from the blog, bringing the grand total to 115!  999,885 to go.

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