Day 38 of Campaign Smile brought a lot of rain.  I love rain.  It cools things off, smells like nothing else and, to me, gives the world a fresh, clean look and feel.  It’s as if Mother Nature was just wiping off the built up grime.

1. I made a campaign stop after the rain had cleared and had some fantastic encounters.  The first person whose eye I caught was a short young blonde woman.  She looked at my smile and kept her lips pressed together, her chin tilted up.  I have to admit that I might have, in times passed, simply taken her look for one of arrogance or condescension.  Now, though, I find I take a more optimistic view, wondering instead what had her mind so preoccupied.  For all I know she was, at that very instant, realizing in her mind that she was strong enough to persevere through some tough times.  She likely didn’t even notice me as she clenched her jaw, ready to soldier through whatever concerns she had with her chin held high.  You never really know what someone else is going through and we often assume their actions near us have to do with us.  Proximity, however, may simply be a coincidence.

2. I passed an employee and, since I have determined to focus more attention on the staff of a store to improve the retail experience, I made a point to smile at him.  He stared at my smile for a few moments and then, recognizing the connection, turned his eyes away.

3. I spotted a younger girl near a display after I passed the employee.  I was still smiling and I watched her peek at me.  She quickly returned her gaze to the display and then peeked again.  Sometimes, when you are the only person smiling in a crowd  you are kind of the freakshow.  Fine by me.  Every time she looked and saw my warm smile I know I was helping her chip a little more away from the cold, negative influences of the world.

4. An older woman on the next aisle I was in was using the same tactic.  Avoid contact and keep your distance.  Like the other girl she kept her gaze straight ahead except for a glance toward me to see my smiling visage.

5. The young man running the cash register, though very friendly and personable, could not muster a smile for me.

Though I received no smiles to add to my smile campaign on my campaign stop I did receive 3 comments, including smiles, from the blog in the last day.  I am really thankful to those readers and all the people who might be following silently.  I go out every day to campaign and sit her every night blogging and promoting the blog in the hope of making my own small contribution to the world through the increase in joy.  Thank you to those who have written to express your appreciation.
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