Roll On!

Day 37 of Campaign Smile was noteworthy because I passed the 100 smile mark but that was expected.  However, I was not ready for the bountiful supply of smiles that I received all day.  Today provided me a lot of opportunities in the smile campaign since, as a rare occurrence I was not working, my wife was and I had a car with no errands all day.  While I would have loved to spend the day with my wife I wound up interacting with a lot of people as I travelled around trying to keep myself busy.

1. I started the day at the pharmacy picking up a prescription.  No they were not my happy pills.  I manage that attitude all on my own.  They were for the dog.  While the pharmacist was efficient and friendly she managed to talk with me the whole time and not return my smile.

2. On my way out the door, though, I passed another patron who not only smiled back at me but greeted me with a friendly, “good morning.”

3. I took myself next to a park near a lake to relax and read for a while.  As I walked toward one of the benches I was basking in the glory of nature around me as I looked around and smiled.  I turned my head back to see a woman walking for exercise as she was nearly passed me.  She had already seen my smile and was trying to keep her smile to herself as she neared me.  I don’t know if she was laughing with me or at my exuberance over the natural surroundings.  I do know that I don’t care which it was, as long as it was there.  She was a perfect example of what I am striving for.  While it is great when someone smiles back at me immediately, my greater hope is for the chain reaction.  Maybe they smile at me and maybe not.  When they meet another, though, they might smile at them and pass it on.  The odds, however, are even more likely that they will simply still be smiling after meeting me and the next person, like this woman, will feel compelled to smile.  And so it goes…

4. I had found my seat and was doing my best to read and still pay attention to the people passing by my bench.  One remarkable young man who seemed to be challenged in some way not only met my smile but asked, “What’s up?”, high-fived me, asked about my book and wished me a good day before moving on.  It is just inspiring to see that open, loving approach to life and people.

5. When I stopped for lunch at Long John Silver’s the man running the register revealed a large, toothy smile to meet mine.  I have seen running the register almost any time I come in there for lunch for several years now and he always has that infectious, happy attitude.

6. I stopped later for a drink at a convenience store and smiled at a woman leaving the store as I entered.  She reciprocated with a very natural smile that you could tell was something she enjoyed wearing.

7. When I reached the register with my purchases the cashier was poring over some paperwork and seemed very worn by her task.  She did, still, grant me a stressed, exasperated smile.  That interaction was bound to help buoy her spirits.

8. When I was entering the library I passed a grandmother and her grandson who was obviously wearing her out.  She flashed me a tired smile, all the same.

9. As I left the library a little bit later I saw one of the librarians just leaving the building by another exit.  You could tell the end of her shift was giving her an emotional lift and she had a smile to match that attitude.

For the day, with all my campaign stops I gathered 8 more smiles.  That brings the total to 107.  Fantastic!
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2 responses to “Roll On!

  1. Hi! Count me as one more smile. I really like what you are doing and have been doing it most of my life but not keeping track. It’s fun to see an actual record. I will send your site to a friend of mine who can surely use it. She wants to blog and can’t seem to find enough subject matter. She is also usually in need of a smile (bet she hates me telling that). Maybe she can join your efforts and the smiles can start growing exponentially.

    One thing I was missing: A little more about you. Like a first name (people sometimes react differently to smiles coming from either a man or a woman) and possibly a state (not necessarily a specific location – just a general region) . I’m in South Carolina – people here smile a good bit (even out of embarrassment from our elected officials). When I have visited farther north, I got reactions similar to some of the less positive ones you described. This is why it would be interesting to know where all of this is taking place. Are you able to put a permanent link to your first entry? I jumped in at an entry a couple days ago (I found this blog on TrafficSwarm) and after I read it, wanted to immediately go to the beginning of your adventure.

    Keep up the great work – the world needs more!

    • Thanks for the positive comments. I definitely agree that the responses will vary based on gender and region. My name is Tony and I’m a man living in Florida. I appreciate the thought of sharing the blog as well. I set my goal of one million smiles so I will need any and all help I can get from you, your friend, anyone who wants to improve the world around them. I don’t know where you landed when you looked at the blog but if you go to the main page at you can scroll to the bottom of the page and work back to the start pretty fast. Thanks again and keep smiling.

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