Newfound Hope

Day 33 of Campaign Smile gave me reason for faith that people are seeing what I am.  Specifically, I have written several times about the diminishing shopping experience.  Customers seem to have no interest or excitement whether they are buying food or renovating their house.  Employees often are obviously unenthused about their jobs.  There are countless ways we might better the experience but today I saw several examples of improvement from retail employees.

1. I took a walk around the mall today after work and was pleasantly surprised.  I parked near JC Penney’s and was greeted immediately when I walked in by a very nice woman.  She returned my smile and was very sincere in her greeting.  I really believe that this should be standard from people working with the public in retail.  However, what I sometimes see is different.  I have a positive enough approach to life to know that there are plenty of reasons why people might not always put their best foot forward.  Still, if it is your job you should make it a priority to do your best with each customer.  This woman was making that effort and I very much appreciated it.

2. The pleasant young girl working in Spencer’s made a point of returning my smile as I walked in and asking how I was doing.  I heard her repeating this approach with others as I walked around the store.  The small bit of small talk and friendly engagement took very little from her or her time but makes a significant impression about the staff of the store. 

3. As I entered Hallmark the girl behind the register was making a point of welcoming me as well as everyone else who entered the store.  Like the other young lady it was a simple gesture that makes a great impact on the customers.

With 3 more smiles that brings the total to 84.  More importantly, though, I see indications that companies are paying attention to more than pricing and advertising as they work to build the economy back to its former glory.  These little variations in how the companies interact with their customers are free but their outcomes will be measured in dollars.
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