3 Day Weekend

Day 32 of Campaign Smile was exciting as I could feel the excited energy of everyone hurrying around.  While I was campaigning, most other people were either getting ready for a trip out of town for the weekend or gathering supplies for a celebration at home.  There is a humbling reasons of the Memorial Day holiday where we pause to remember our soldiers, current and past, and all they do to keep our citizens and our ideals safe. 
Additionally, for many this is the unofficial beginning to the summer season so there is a lot of excitement for both reasons.  Most of the people scurrying about hardly noticed me, let alone returned my smile.  I was given plenty of reason to keep smiling, however.  Though they didn’t seem to notice me the people around me were not hostile or closed off.  They were simply excited and focused as they prepared for the weekend.  That energy was almost palpable and I enjoyed sharing it with them.  I did not add any smiles today though a couple of different men nodded at me in response to my smile which is positive.  The total campaign of smiles stands at a total of 81 still.
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