Is It A Fever

Day 30 of Campaign Smile did not add any smiles from the trenches though a new friend gave a smile with his comment so I thank him.  As always, I am undaunted by lack of smiles but I also found myself reflecting on another topic that I would like to discuss.

1. I passed a man with his daughter and smiled at both.  All that was returned to me were two stares though.  More gestures like mine will not only help the father find new strength and encouragement in the world but can ensure that the daughter is not convinced of the cold, heartless nature of the world.

2. An older woman putting items in her cart looked at my smile and stared with a scowl on her face.  Maybe she thought I was coveting her choices but I know that the wonder of my unexpected kind gift will keep her guessing all night as to my “ulterior motive.”  The trick is that she will feel more positive and my “ulterior motive” will be successful.

3. A middle-aged man with a beard walked by me and greeted my smile with a nod of acknowledgment.  I appreciated the immediate indication of the positive effect and know more will be forthcoming with him as he goes forward.
4. As I walked around I also noticed a lot of negativity in the conversations, words and emotions being put forth by the other shoppers as they interacted with each other.  With some yelling at the kids, others complaining about their families and friends and still more bemoaning the sad state of the world in general I started wondering.  Have we become a more negative society in general?  Does it seem to anyone else like we focus our energies on disliking or even hating things or people that we could just as easily not allow to have an impact on us?  Do we really have to feel bad because the neighbors are doing things we don’t like?  Is it necessary to feel personally offended because of the happenings in a celebrity’s life?  It is always our choice to feel good or not feel good.  Nobody has power over how we feel unless we give that power to them.  Campaign Smile is now 80 smiles strong!  Hopefully we can have an impact on this negativity and help everyone out.
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