No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?

Although I had several good experiences today in Campaign Smile I was also given a chance to test my beliefs and my resolve in this effort.  It was unexpected and not from a source I would have thought.

1. After work our small group went out to dinner to relax and celebrate a small victory in the store.  When I walked into the restaurant, later than everyone else, I was greeted by large smiles by both the individuals working the host stand.  I was thrilled with the responses and thanked them for the proffered help though I was able to find the rest of my group without help.  I believe, as you might, that their job requires this friendly attitude.  However, you have probably seen as many instances as I where this expected approach was woefully absent so I was glad to see it.

2. The waitress shared the enthusiasm of the host staff.  Her efficient approach and attention detail accompanied her joyful attitude and smile.  Again I don’t always see these qualities when I dine out so I am happy to see them though I would have been thrilled with just a smile.  Even a forced happy expression can help turn things around for someone.

3. There were plenty of smiles and laughs within our group during our meal but my revelation of the day happened much earlier.  I had spent a great deal of time helping a customer at work yesterday for very little financial reward.  I was happy to do it and knew she appreciated it even before she took the time to voice that feeling to me and my boss.  When she walked back in today with the product to return the comment was made to me, “it doesn’t pay to be nice.”  I was asked if I agreed and I, without so much as a pause, said no.  The person asked if I was serious and I said I was.  I told him that it always pays to be nice.  The rewards are huge and not always immediately obvious but they are there.  In the past, before this campaign, there is a good chance I would have agreed with the statement.  However I have seen too much good come from so little effort to believe that it is not worth whatever we put forth to help each other.  On top of that the woman reinforced me personally as she commented that I must smile and laugh all the time.  It is obvious in my mannerisms and approach to everything and it makes an effect even if I don’t happen to have a smile at that exact moment.  I have 74 smiles I have counted and many more that came from my efforts I don’t even know about.
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