No Passing On The Right

Day 25 of Campaign Smile was a fairly quiet one with no major surprises or revelations.  Still, another day of spreading the good emotions by making positive connections is still a great gift to all involved.  I have found that this campaign keeps me in a good mood all the time.  When I am at work and starting to feel tired as I wait for quitting time it can be easy to look forward to going home and letting my happy mood drop while I hide from the world.  Knowing that I need to stop and campaign for smiles, though, reminds me of the smiling, joyful attitude I will need to bring with me and I feel it as I consider it as well.  This means that I stay happy through the whole day until after my campaigning.  When I get home I sit down and write about it and am reminded of all the wonderful people I encountered and, again, I remain happy and upbeat.  What a present for me as well.

1. As I came up behind an older couple taking their place in line at the cash register the woman pulled her husband and the cart out of the way to allow me to pass.  She also gave me a friendly smile in addition to the helpful move.  It almost seemed as if her face lightened up as she smiled at me so I saw the immediate effect of my effort.

2. I passed by two store employees walking together but their haggard looks did not change when they saw me smile.  They were, I think, nearing the end of their shift and were probably tired.  Hopefully, the smile I offered brought a bounce back to their step when they left.

3. There was a group of about 6 people gathered at the end of one of the aisles.  They seemed to have happened across each other while shopping and were catching up.  Though they blocked the path and never gave me a chance to engage them with a smile I was happy to see all their enthusiastic conversation and could feel the positive energy around the group.

4. As I left the store and walked to the car I passed a man that looked quite tired on a Friday night.  Probably this was the end of his week so he can get some much-needed rest over the weekend before returning to his vocation on Monday.

My single smile I received today brings the new total to 71!
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