Hope For The Shopper

Today was day number 24 of Campaign Smile and I am pleased to report even more good news from the retail shopping experience.

1. I got out of my car in the parking lot of the grocery store and, as I walked to the door, passed a woman who was intently looking for something in her purse as she walked toward me.  When she looked up to find me smiling she blushed a little as she smiled back at me.  I think I must have surprised her as she was just leaving her own little world she had gone to for a minute.  We all do it.  We get so caught up in whatever little task we are working on we forget everything around us and are sometimes surprised when we are reminded of it all.

2. When I entered the store I passed behind one of the employees who was working on putting away stock.  As I was turning away from her she turned, saw my ever-present smile, and made a point of greeting me even though I had almost completely turned my back to her.  This gives me great hope for the joy of the shopping experience.  Aside from any other motivating factors I think this was proof that some people have a personality that is more conducive to customer service.  Everyone has the ability to interact well with others but some people do it more naturally and with little or no thought or effort.

3. The gentleman that nearly hit me with his cart as I turned the corner in front of him was not nearly as happy to see me.  His face and his expression made it quite clear that he was irritated.  However, since his expression didn’t change or even flinch at our near collision, he was clearly in that place already.  Maybe that guy with the big smile that stepped in his way will stay in his thought patterns and help them become more positive.

4. The last couple I passed were just approaching the section containing cold beer.  Their dour looks that stayed that way despite my smile told me they were hoping the liquid refreshment would help take the edge off their day.  I only hope that it, my friendly greeting or both helped them later.

Today my smile campaign added 2 more wonderful smiles to bring the total to an even 70.
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