The Children Are Our Future

Today was day 23 of Campaign Smile and I made a fantastic little campaign stop as I picked up a few things for the house.  The number of people was small but the results were good.

1. The first man I passed looked very cool with his sunglasses on.  Why he needed them inside the store at 9:30 at night I do not know but they seemed to bring him some comfort.  Maybe they made him feel insulated from the world or possibly they simply wrapped him in a feeling of confidence with his appearance.  Either way I am glad he found something to help.  He did not return my smile but he did nod acknowledgment to me.  No smile there but a positive response that will work its way forward to someone else.

2. As I walked down one of the aisles I found myself behind a couple and their small child.  The father turned around to look at me and I gave him a warm smile which he duplicated with one of his own.

3. There was one woman hurrying through the aisles trying to get all her items quickly.  She passed me in close proximity twice but I could not get her to smile back at me.

4. As I was paying at the cashier there was a small boy who wandered from his mom up to the candy near the register.  When she caught up to him and told him he could not have any of the sweets he simply looked at me and grinned.  This is a simple approach we seem to lose as we age.  When things stop us from doing things or we don’t accomplish something we take it seriously and personally.  Maybe things would be easier if we could recapture that attitude of simply smiling when our plans are thwarted.  It sure would make our perceived failures seem less dire.

2 more smiles today brings the total to 68 for the smile campaign.  That leaves 999,932 to go!
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