Just Another Day At The Beach

After a couple of days of venting about the demise of the shopping experience I made a point of avoiding the retail stores today.  On day 22 of Campaign Smile I made a visit to my local library and then spent some time at the beach.
<1. As the Census Bureau has set up camp at the local libraries I was not surprised to run into several of the Census workers while I was there.  The first gentleman I saw was just returning to the building when I arrived.  We exchanged smiles as we entered at the same time.  He had an excellent attitude for someone who was being asked to spend so much time outside in the heat trying to persuade people to part with their information.

2. I was still thinking those types of thoughts when I passed a younger woman who was also a census worker.  She maintained a frown and was certainly not maintaining the same  upbeat approach.  Clearly, the job was taking a toll.  Those jobs pay pretty good money and it is probably easy to focus on that and ignore or fail to acknowledge the rigors of the actual job.

3.  The third census worker, another man, was also not enjoying the day, it seemed.  His entire expression seemed to be dragging below him.  It was only a little after 10 in the morning and I feared it would be a long day for the two of them.

4. While I was taking advantage of the computers the library provides for patrons I caught the eye of one of the ladies that works at the circulation desk.  She was walking by and, when I smiled, she showed me a genuine smile of her own.

5. When I was leaving the library I passed a woman standing and talking on her phone.  She was wearing her sunglasses and took them off when I smiled at her.  I wonder if she was simply making sure I was smiling at her.  When she confirmed it, however, she was happy to oblige me with a winning smile of her own.

6. Later in the day, when my wife and I stopped at a convenience store for a drink before driving to the beach an older gentleman held open the door for us.  We had been nearly at the door when I smiled at him and he reciprocated with the holding of the door as well.
7.  When we were leaving the beach a couple of hours later we met a woman who was just riding up on her bike.  She stopped to take a drink from the fountain as we were walking up the steps.  I smiled at her and she grinned right back before riding out onto the sand.

My series of “mini” campaign stops today yielded 5 new smiles.  That brings the total to 66.  It was a nice break from the usual campaign stops at retail stores but I know that retail needs all the help it can get so I will be back shining the light of my smile tomorrow.
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