You Lookin’ At Me?!

On this 19th day of Campaign Smile I found myself joyfully anticipating my campaign stop.  I’ve really come to enjoy this part of my daily routine more than I would have thought likely.  To know I am making a difference is uplifting and invigorating.  Until I find a way to take a larger step and bring the happiness message to larger groups I am excited to interact one on one each day and convey a little joy.

1. The first man I passed was carrying a cup of coffee and responded to my smile with a nod and actually said hi to me.  Never underestimate the power of that smile.  To some it is frightening because it reminds them that they are not isolated from the world.  Someone is entering their space, even if only through the light of a smile.  To others, though, it is another form of greeting and they respond in kind.

2. An older woman I passed looked at me and puckered her face even tighter than before I smiled.  You can tell by the wrinkles a person develops over the years how they mostly hold their face.  Some develop “laugh lines”, others look as if their brow is permanently furrowed and a few such as this lovely woman show that they hold their face in a clench often.  With puckered lips, clenched jaw and flared nostrils it seems as if they have just tasted a lemon.  I wonder if some people might have developed different “roadmaps” if a few more people had shown them the kindness of a random smile.

3. An older man holding his mouth a little open quickly shut it and turned toward his wife when I smiled.  It was as if he felt like he had been caught not paying attention.  I won’t tell on him if you won’t, okay?

4. Another younger couple were each pushing a cart and both carts turned toward me as I walked down the aisle, splitting around me in either direction.  The woman did not notice me but the dad, pushing the cart with the little boy in it, smiled back at me.

5. As I turned to leave the checkout line the woman behind me met my smile with one of her own as well as averting her eyes.  I think she appreciated the gesture but, again, sometimes something so genuinely kind can feel like it gets too close in this closed-off world.
6. When I was passing the small cafe situated at the front of the store I saw a nice woman sitting at one of the tables and facing the store.  It seemed like she was watching people, which can be an intriguing activity.  When she saw me smile at her she smiled and turned away.  Twice as I passed she looked back at me to find me still smiling and turned away.  She was enjoying staying on the sidelines of the activity unseen and unnoticed and I changed that so she became a little nervous.

With a good deal of new and unique interactions I managed to gather 3 more smiles bring the total to 59!  Only 999,941 to go.
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