Unexpected Consequences

Day 18 was a beautiful day in Campaign Smile.  I feel I’m making a difference with my little campaign.  However, I keep wondering how I could reach more people.  I think I would enjoy the chance to speak to groups about the benefits of what I am doing.  Sure, there are benefits to the individuals involved and those that might interact with those people afterward.  Even more than that, though, efforts made by businesses, for example, to encourage their employees and customers to be genuinely happy in the time they spend with them could yield untold amounts of benefit.  I believe the productivity, job satisfaction, customer satisfaction and profitability would all show improvements.  I’m not sure how to get myself into speaking or consulting situations so, for now, I determine myself to keep doing my part on a one to one basis every day.

1. The first man I encountered seemed very pleasant and sported a neatly trimmed beard and moustache.  He did not smile in return to me but he did nod so the connection was made and the positive impact was felt.

2. The second person is actually the reason for today’s title.  I was walking in a parking lot and, honestly, was quite a ways away mentally.  At that time, though, I was still smiling and a gentleman driving near me saw me smile and returned it.  While that was the response I have been looking for it was surprising since I had not yet directed my smile to him.  That just shows you how a simple smile, even to yourself, can benefit another.  Find a way to be happy and smile.  You’ll feel better and everyone around you will be energized as well.

3. A woman who was passing me in an aisle saw my smile and mouthed the word “hi” to me but did not smile.  Still, the outcome was noteworthy.

4. Another lady I met simply frowned at me though I got the feeling she had a lot on her mind on this Friday evening.  I’m sure things seemed a lot less dire after she passed me though she may not know why the clouds started to clear.

5. A sales associate that was walking near me saw my smile and nodded in my direction.  His expression was neutral, neither positive or negative but the energy was positive.

Only 1 smile to add to the total today.  That brings me to 56 though there is no number to define the good that is being done down the line from my humble starts with my fellow humans.
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