A Vote of Confidence

Today was a great day in Campaign Smile for yet another new and unique reason.  It occurred late in the day and I will talk about it in more detail later in the post but it was a great boost to me personally.

1. I approached a store this afternoon and caught the eye of two female associates talking out in front of the store.  I smiled and they each greeted me without smiling.  This is something I am sure they would have done for anyone who attempted to engage them simply to be polite to the customers.  I hope, though, that the pleasant exchange encouraged them to pass the sentiment along later in their individual days.

2. Two young ladies standing in line at the register to purchase some items both smiled in response to my smile.  They were already in a good mood, it seemed, so it was not a major accomplishment to have them smile.  They certainly, though, gained more reason to stay in their good mood and pass along the smiles to others.

3. The cashier gave me a warm smile even though I could see the fatigue in her face.  She had an entire counter covered in items she was working on preparing for the shelf as she also rang up customers so I could see the reason for the tired expression.  It was encouraging that she could retain that genuine grin despite her workload still.
4. I made a decision to not include smiles I create for people when I am working when I started the campaign.  Since that is kind of part of my job to make the people I work with happy it seemed unrelated to my quest.  Today I experienced one that I just had to share.  I had been running non-stop with little help for a while and this group of people had been waiting patiently to speak with me.  When I walked up I smiled warmly, as I do all the time, even though I was growing tired.  One young lady immediately made a point of complimenting me on my smile and granting me one of hers.  Since I am basing this campaign and blog on my smile it is nice to have others reinforce that I am working with capable equipment.  After all, if my smile was not a friendly or happy one I would never get the positive emotions I hope to create.

Four more smiles today bring the total to 55!  The whole world is starting to feel a little more upbeat isn’t it?
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