The Pet/Children Trick

The first day of week number 3 was a great one in Campaign Smile.  My wife and I took our niece to a playground located near several baseball and soccer fields this afternoon.  We also thought it would be a good opportunity to bring along our dog and give her a chance to get out of the regular neighborhood.  Now, I we both knew that the two of them were going to have an effect on my results but since my goal is happiness and positive feelings not scientific protocol I didn’t really care.  I am happy to use anything I can to help people get that feeling they seem to be missing.

1. While my wife and our niece played on the swings, slides, etc. I sat on a bench with our dog, both of us just enjoying all the activity around us.  It was just a fantastic day to be outside with warm weather and a cool breeze.  I was watching another little boy as he played with one eye on us.  Finally, he became bold enough to come up for a chance to pet the dog.  That generated smiles on both sides but we won’t count the dog’s since she was helping me.

SmileyCentral.com2. Later, as I walked around some, a very nice woman came up and caught my attention.  I had a pretty good feeling what she wanted to talk about so I turned around and smiled.  She greeted me with an amazing smile of her own.  She then very politely called my attention to the ordinance which said the dog could not be there.  She was very magnanimous and allowed me to enjoy that smile the whole time.  She said that she thought my dog looked very friendly but just not to bring her back.  I was not offended and I got another smile out of it so that is another positive outcome in my book. 

3. After a while the four of us walked over to the lake to give us all more of a chance to stretch our legs.  We found a nice place in the shade to relax and enjoy the day.  A woman came walking past and I greeted her with my best campaign smile.  She smiled back in a limited way without showing any of her teeth.  As she looked down, though, she saw the dog smiling at her and wagging her back-end so much it made her shimmy.  She had barely made it past us when I heard her burst into laughter over it.

4. Another woman, dressed in workout gear and headphones, came walking rapidly by us after that.  Her smile was immediately forthcoming and obviously happy to be there.

5. An older couple was not far behind her and saw the four of us from a short distance back so they were ready to smile as soon as I “asked” them to do so with my own smile.

This is the first day that I truly saw every person that I made contact with return my smile.  That is not to say that every person I saw smiled at us.  There were a lot of people coming and going in preparation for the softball games that never put themselves in a position for me to initiate contact.  I did notice something, though.  I was listening to the people cheering at the games and it occurred to me that we could all use some of that every day.  If you think about it there are cheers for when players do well as well as cheers of consolation when they struggle.  We all need to be our own cheerleaders.  “Great job finding those mistakes in the budget.” “Don’t worry, it’s only one presentation and you’ll do better at the next one.”  Just something to ponder.  With the 5 smiles I added today that brings the campaign total to 50 smiles!  We are really picking up steam now.
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