Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Dark of Night

Today I made a very brief “campaign” stop but I did manage to generate some great, positive responses. As I have said, there are no bad results because I firmly believe that there is always an effect from any effort to bridge that gap to other people. It may not be immediate and it may not be obvious, even to the people who receive the effect, but somewhere, somehow those smiles find their way in and alter things for the better.

1. As I approached the store a young lady was stopped at the cross walk and seemed to be debating whether to wait for me to reach it or to simply drive on.  I smiled when she looked directly at me though she simply stared at me before deciding to drive on.

2. When I entered the front door I passed a woman still dressed in her uniform from the post office.  She revealed a huge, genuine smile in response to mine.  Knowing that she had already worked all day and, if she does the deliveries, driven or walked all over and was still holding onto that great smile was awesome.
3. I passed a man in one of the aisles who nodded to me when I smiled but did not actually smile.  That is just as good in my book because it means I made that connection even if for a moment.

4. One of the store associates saw me smiling as I approached him and made a point of asking me how I was doing.  Maybe you would assume he would do that for any customer and I hope you would be right.  I think we all know that this is not the case for most people in retail.  We have all seen associates in different stores that simply walk around, oblivious to the people who make their job possible.

This was a very short stop and only garnered one more smile for the campaign.  However, I think the various interactions as well as the smiles I was throwing out to nobody in particular improved the mood and feeling at the store and in the lives of a lot of the people.  Now I have 51 smiles with 999,949 to go!
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