Raining Smiles and Dogs

The second week of Campaign Smile ended today.  I have to tell you that after the wonderful experience of that chain reaction I experienced yesterday with the start of a smile I was as charged today as when I started.  If you haven’t noticed, there is a significant benefit in this for me as well.  With every day of spreading joy I find frustration less frequently and less bothersome.  I also feel happier every time I help another get that boost.  Is there another gift besides joy that is as beneficial to the giver as the recipient?

1. Despite the title of today’s post the weather was beautiful and hot.  There were a nice couple of smiles, though, and one dog.  As I walked up to the store I chose to campaign in today there was an older man lifting a very tiny dog out of the shopping cart to put it in the car.  He happily returned my smile with one of his own, giving me a good start to things.

2. When I began walking inside the store I smiled to a gentleman with a goatee as he emerged from one of the aisles.  He did not smile but he gave me a friendly nod.  This was at least a recognition of my effort and, to me, something of a thank you for the gesture.  You never know who he passed it to next but it’s fun to wonder.

3. A couple that was passing me both looked at me so I flashed my best smile to them.  They did not smile back but stared right through me.  I think a lot of people are so stunned when someone breaks out of the protective shell to try and engage another human they are left speechless.  We all build these walls to keep everyone out.  The more connected we become with text messages, e-mail, instant messages, cell phones, and the like the less we actually connect person to person.

4. As I was driving out of the parking lot I stopped to allow a couple to cross in front of me.  The man looked at me and I smiled back.  He gave me a small wave in acknowledgement.

Adding just one more additional smile today brings my total to 45!  Get ready for week 3.
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