Just A Link In The Chain

Today gave me another amazing experience in this Smile Campaign.  This was lucky day 13.  I made a quick visit to a convenience store to gas up the car and received some energy for my million smile quest as well. 

1. As I approached the door I saw a man getting out of his car and smiled when he looked my way.  He did not smile back which might seem unfortunate.  However, what he did afterward made my day.  He took my positive greeting and one upped me. He not only stopped to hold the door for me but as I passed he made a point of standing for another ten or twenty seconds for someone else headed across the parking lot.  He even made a point of letting me know what he was doing as I entered the building.  I could have sworn the mood of the entire group of us in the building and stayed charged with positive energy while I was there.  I am sure the effect probably stayed and kept working its way through the ever-changing crowd.  How tremendous to have helped start such a wonderful chain of events.

2. Later in the day as I was campaigning again I passed two women leaving the building I was approaching.  I smiled at both of them.  One of them saw me and yielded a thin smile.  No doubt she will pass that on to her friend in some way.

3. I saw an older woman approaching me as I walked through the store but she remained determined to frown.  I don’t know how or when but that genial interaction will benefit her somewhere, somehow.

4. As a mother and son passed me they neither saw me to give a reaction.  Directly behind them, though, was the father.  He was not nearly as hurried and seemed to be sauntering through their shopping trip.  He rewarded my attempt with a magnificent smile.

5. While I was moving down the main aisle toward the front of the store a thin younger woman came around the corner pushing her cart toward me.  She smiled back at me warmly and gave me a great end to the campaign stop for the day.

It was a very exciting day for my campaign with a lot of immediately apparent positive effects.  The three actual smiles I received were great but I think not nearly as invigorating as the effect I had in the convenience store.  There were a lot of people who were there then or later that, for some unknown reason, felt just a little happier after their visit.  Now that is awesome!  That brings the total smiles to 44.
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