Day 2

I went to a mall today to see how many smiles I could create.  Though I exchanged plenty of smiles with people working at the stores there is no way for me to know whether that was just because they viewed me as a potential customer.  Therefore, I won’t count them though I was just as happy to receive those smiles as those I know I inspired.  There weren’t many people at the mall yet when I arrived but I was finally able to make eye contact with a woman who looked to be shopping with her husband and grandson.  She returned my smile with a small, cautious smile.  It was a good start, anyway.  I appreciate every small reaction I get.  You never know how large the impact may be for that person down the line.  Next I smiled to another woman, this one younger and very energetic in her movement and spirit.  I’m sure you have seen this type of person yourself.  No matter how fast or slow they do things they always give the impression that inside they are racing along but not in a hurried manner.  Like they are forever scampering toward some wonderful outcome only they can predict.  She had a wonderful smile for me that was huge and lit up her whole face.  How marvelous!  Next, a young mother pushing a stroller passed me.  She looked like, at ten in the morning, she had already had a long, tiring day.  I have no idea what troubles might have been weighing on her.  The trials and tribulations of parenthood provide plenty of possibilities and it’s not even certain that her worries had anything to do with caring for her child.  Her weary smile, though, gave me hope that things would improve for her day after our happy exchange.  The man I smiled at next scowled slightly.  He didn’t seem angry or upset just deep in thought.  I wouldn’t take it personally anyway, no matter his reasons.  As I passed through one of the department stores on my way out, an older woman wearing a bright red sweat suit and wire rim glasses granted me a great smile next.  She, too, had one of those “light up a room smiles” that certainly lit up my day.  How invigorating to start a day this way.  The gentleman who I smiled at as I left the mall gave absolutely no expression so maybe he did not even see me.  He seemed to be very focused on where he was heading though I did see him look in my direction.  So, with two scowls and four more smiles, day 2 of the campaign is now in the books.  That is now 8 smiles down and only 999,992 to go!
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