Day 1

I started my first day ambitiously.  I went to Wal-Mart, of all places.  I could have tried just one smile and called it good.  There were plenty of opportunities, of course.  With each try, though, I was having more fun and couldn’t stop.  It would have been easier had I not decided to keep track of my results.  Since I had, though, I had to stop several times and write down results so I would remember them until I got to the computer.  I started with one of the associates.  This is even more challenging since these folks always seem to have a lot to do so they stay very focused.  Still, I received something like a half-smirk in return for my first effort.  I was happy for the small result, though I don’t think I will count it in the million.  As I walked down the aisle a gentleman came around one of those blind corners with his cart and very nearly ran right into me.  I smiled at him and got an embarressed smile back.  The next couple of people seemed to scowl at me but I didn’t care since that made me smile more.  Maybe they spent their evening wondering what was wrong with me or, hopefully, they were a little more positive with everyone else they interacted with.  Next I passed another store associate that was quickly putting her things back into her pockets as she bolted for the door at the end of her shift.  Unfair advantage there, I guess.  Who doesn’t feel happier at the end of the day?  Still, she wasn’t smiling before and smiled when I smiled at her.  Then I was granted a couple more scowls which I enjoyed.  In the cereal aisle I smiled at a woman who hardly seemed to notice at first.  Immediately after, though, she put back the box of grits she had been studying and proceeded to engage me in conversation.  Whether she saw my smile or not, the positive intention must have found her because we spent several minutes talking about grits, oatmeal and other things.  That was more than I could have hoped for.  I was just aiming for smiles and I got an entire friendly conversation with a complete stranger.  With every encounter my smile came easier.  Finally, as I was stepping from the checkout counter I smiled at a woman waiting for her son and received a fourth smile.  So I batted about .500 today with 4 smiles and 4 frowns.  (I still believe those other 4 got a boost too, though.)  4 smiles down, 999,996 to go!
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